Attention Digital Product
Course Creators!

I’m here to help you build your online presence 

so you can grow your audience and income. 

Sound good?

Whether you are just
getting started
with digital products or
struggling to sell
the ones you have...

You are in the right place


Hi Friend! I’m Carolyn. 

I’m a teacher turned digital marketing coach. I help business owners market their digital products and courses.

If you are having trouble with coming up with the right product ideas or selling the ones you have, you are in the right place. 

I’ll help you get clarity on your customers’ needs, your content and your marketing strategy.


"I’ve absolutely gained clarity on my products and offers to my clients since working with a Carolyn.
I even feel more confident about talking about my business in conversation."
Emily Kendel
Spa Project

How I Can Help...

Courses I recommend…

Other Services

Write Ups + Interviews

Client Testimonials

Customer testimonials increase your credibility. I’ll interview your customers for you or guide you through the process of doing your own.

Content Repurposing

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Are you repurposing your content? 

You don’t have to keep creating new content. Repurpose what you have. Use your content from your main content platform and repurposed it for: emails, blog posts, social media posts, etc. 

Customize your options into a package that works best for you

Implementation Sessions

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Already have great case studies but not sure how to utilize them? An Implementation Session is just right for you! We’ll map out a strategy in this LIVE call with clear action steps. Follow up with Voxer support is an option add-on service.

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